We’ve been open for nearly 4 years now, can we call it 4 given how this year went? Okay, 3. We’ve been open for three years and we often get told by our new members and clients something a long the lines of this…

“I’ve known about CrossFit but it always looked a bit to hard or maybe I just thought it wasn’t for me yet I’m really curious about it because everyone raves about it and I see it all the time on social media.”

So we made a little image that should help describe where we sit in the fitness industry and what types of clients use Solv.


Many of clients had been members of Bootcamp companies, commercial gyms, online nutrition programmes aimed at tackling their busy lifestyles and other chain gyms.

The most common reason for joining is they have a friend that has done CrossFit and won’t shut up about it. So they thought why not.

It’s easy to put us in the same boat as the ‘CrossFit’ you’ve seen on instagram or heard about from your friends but in reality our business is very different in deed.

For example, we only take on beginners through private coaching before they graduate to our group sessions.

We don’t run open gym which is usually everything you’ve seen on instagram (the scary stuff).

We have clean toilets & facilities in general unlike many other CrossFit gyms.

Our workouts aren’t designed to ‘beast’ you like other CrossFitters boast.

Our coaching staff are experienced and knowledgeable, in fact they are actually in the top 1% of all CrossFit trainers world wide for experience and qualifications.

Most importantly we don’t have that typical gym culture everyone hates. You know the “what do you lift?” “Everyday is gym day” “I literally live in the gym and talk about it every second.”

Yeah, that doesn’t sit well with us. We like to know how our hour class and lifestyle coaching effects you in your day to day life. In your hobbies, job, home life etc, etc.

We create real change in peoples lives, deliver probably the best workout in Worcester with some really genuinely nice coaching staff who just want you to be a better you.

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