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What were you struggling with before joining Solv that you now no longer struggle with? What did we help you ‘Solv’?

“I don’t know where to start on this, I don’t think I have been at a lower point in my life and with such a lack of self confidence. I have been through bad patches at school or with my parents divorce, of which my weight and confidence has been an eternal struggle. Solv and the people, some of who have come to be some of my greatest friends have given me the strength to get through the hardest time in my life, to rebuild myself and my self worth. To find happiness in what could of ended up feeling like a very lonely situation. To find a happiness and contentment in myself that I have never experienced before, to be ok that I’m starting again and that I am enough on my own. To be at a place at 37 where for the first time I truly feel like I love every bit of myself, I am proud of who I am and what I have achieved even with all it’s imperfections. That even through a pandemic when I thought life was about to start again it gave me a focus that has got me by.”

Since starting CrossFit, what has changed in regards to your understanding of health and training?

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“That it is quality over quantity, I used to spending 2 plus hours at David Lloyd doing double classes on a Saturday and Sunday as well as training almost every morning never achieving the results I have at Solv.”

Give us your success story, what are your biggest wins whilst at Solv?

“My general fitness and strength, I couldn’t of imagined being where I am now when I started at Solv being 20kgs heavier. Running 200m or 400m used to be torture and I can now see it in a WOD and it doesn’t make me want to cry. That I can notice my ability to push myself a little more each time. Achieving things I couldn’t imagine then, like doing a handstand and now aiming for handstand push ups. That I have something I look forward to and love doing everyday, that the girl who was never a morning person now sets her alarm for 5.20 every morning and calls it the best part of her day. There is so much I feel like I have got and still to look forward to, which excites me all the time.”



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