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CrossFit affiliates up and down the country run their gyms in very different ways and whilst some of FOR the free class for new members as a means of ‘getting people in’ we are AGAINST it and here’s why.

CrossFit’s methodology involves a tonne of CRAZY movements, great movements but to the average joe beginner, crazy!

Have you ever heard “CrossFit just injures people”?

The free class usually confirms this for anyone who attends and it’s simply not good enough for us to continue to just say things like “the coaches should do better at scaling.”

It is our professional obligation to introduce newcomers to CrossFit safely and effectively.

This is the most common story I hear from new clients with previous experiences when trying a FREE CLASS in a CrossFit Affiliate.

Jumping head first into a CrossFit sessions for a new beginner is a truly unknown and unknowable situation. You’re going to train some of the most complex movements you’ve never attempted with a coach you don’t know (he/she also doesn’t know you) with a bunch of other crazy people who seem to know everything you don’t.

With the intimidation factor now at an all time high you also realise you don’t know any of the movements spoken about in the warm up during the class brief let alone the movements in the workout. As you begin to ask more and more questions about the workout that others in the class already seem to know the answer to you feel like more and more of a nuisance taking up all of the coaches time and preventing the class from moving forward.

It’s almost obvious to everyone in the room that you are the newbie.

You get through the hour workout, it was hell, not 100% sure if you did it right, you’re hot and sweaty, people high fived you but you’re not sure why and you’re actually feeling like your shoulders took a bit of a beating towards the end but that must be okay because everyone celebrated with you. You go home, wake up the next day in agony and think to yourself there’s no way in hell I’m paying to do that again everyday.

I hear this horror story all the time and it makes me feel very sad for the individual because I know CrossFit to be very different.

At Solv we take the time to meet with every single person that wants or is thinking about walking through our door.

We meet over an intro session to discuss what you’re current pain points and goals are. Why is it that you’re now thinking about joining a CrossFit gym? What do you hope the programme will do for you? What do you know about CrossFit? Do you have any injuries we should know about? Do you prefer to workout in a big group, small group or privately? Do you have a family, partner, dog, children? What do you do for a living? Can you commit to working out 3 times a week?

All of these questions are essential for our coaches to do a good job and help you get started at a pace that suits you. It means rather than being thrown in at the deep end and hoping you can swim you’re walked in through the shallow end and eventually progress towards the end of the pool when you’re confident and ready too.

After our intro session if you’re ready to get started, we start with 3 simple sessions covering all of the ‘basics’.’ When we say basics what we really mean is all the complicated stuff you see CrossFitters doing. We dissect your squat, press and deadlift. We introduce you to new movements like olympic lifts and we outline our plan on how to get you from where you are now to where you’ve said you would like to be.

You’ll also hit the basics of nutrition taking away with you actionable skills you can implement right away.

By us taking the time to get to know and understand you, it means by the time you finally make one of our group classes, you know at least 3 people in the session, the coach knows you, understands how you best respond to coaching and you know our environment. You feel welcome, comfortable and that you are a part of this group and not a nuisance.

Not only that but you’ve discovered a definition of health and fitness that is life long. You understand how to truly take care of your body & mind not just for 6 months, 6 years but for your entire life.

You can go home after your intro sessions excited to start CrossFit classes rather than anxious, and when you hit that first class, you’re left with an overwhelming feeling of excitement and optimism about how much progress you could make with this programme.

If you’re a CrossFit coach/affiliate owner reading this and you currently offer the ‘free class’ I implore you to mix things up and try the 1-2-1 approach. You’ll gain better clients for you business/coaching because people will understand the value of coaching from day 1. I know some of you at day 1286 are still trying to convince clients they need you rather than open gym.

If you’re new or thinking about joining a CrossFit gym, look for intro session that doesn’t involve working out. If you wanted to become a pilot you wouldn’t just give it a go and you certainly shouldn’t with CrossFit no matter how fit you think you are.

And if you’ve been to a free class before and decided it wasn’t for you based on that experience, give Solv a chance if you’re in the local area, we see CrossFit change lives on a regular basis, we’ve taken on 11 new members this month alone all brand new and excited to start in January.

We would love to help, BOOK AN INTRO HERE

Mike Macleod
Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3)
Lead Coach, Solv CrossFit



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