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    We know it’s difficult to get your usual dose of exercise in right now, but it doesn’t mean you have to turn into a ‘fitspo health addict’ in order to see results. You may not know it but the fact that gyms are closed right now actually leaves you with more opportunity, resources and headspace to work on the things that have a greater impact on your health from body comp to performance. Right now you are hopefully sleeping more and therefore recovering, right now you have more time to prepare and eat the foods that control your body composition. Your coach has transitioned to online services only, last time I checked we are all very much online ready to help those that need it.
    Work on the things you neglect when gyms are open. These are also the things you probably don’t know how to work on so seek help.

    Charlotte and I loaned out all of our equipment to members. Collectively we currently have an abmat, a 15kg plate, a 10kg dumbbell and a skipping rope between us and yet Charlotte and family have noticed that I’ve recently ‘bulked up.’ And no not with lockdown cookie weight. With minimal to no equipment I have probably made more progress in terms of my body comp in lockdown than any other time over the last three years, but how?

    I’ve been able to implement the things listed above. I sleep 8-10 hours every night, I’m eating 4-6 times per day, I actually only work out 3-4 times per week too down from 5-7 times per week prior to lockdown. The quality of my recovery has significantly improved because of this. I’m confident that once I’ve got my workout in, the rest of my working day should involve supporting the exercise I have done and that focus is having a bigger effect than if I was training 7 days per week. The biggest changes really do come from the kitchen and the bedroom. Speaking of which, activities in the bedroom increase testosterone in women and raise testosterone production in men so yeah, get in the bedroom more and ya know, do ya thing if you’re looking for increase in strength, body comp and reduction in body fat%.

    I can’t stress this enough, I see so many people punishing themselves with exercise on a diet of alcohol, oven food and little to no sleep or at least a poor bedtime hour. When your lifestyle looks like the above, no amount of equipment in your house will have you generating any other result other than fatigue, bad moods and a constant state of irritation.

  • Learn how to adjust your focus

  • Ask for help

  • Tune into coffee club every Friday at 9am for an hour

    If everyone in your household is slipping into unhealthy habits, not prioritising their time well or dragging you down to a place that might be comfortable but you know isn’t quite right or where you want to be, I’m afraid it’s time to be brave and become a leader. You can do this, I can’t tell you how because I’ll be honest I struggle to be the leader I want to be but I think that might be what leadership entails. When I look at who I am as a person, I know a few things ; Firstly I am authentic. I don’t do fake, I don’t do things for attention or to be seen in any particular way. I don’t lie or tell people what I think they want to hear. I only do the things I believe in, I am a passionate person and so when I find something I really believe in it becomes a living part of my life and it’s important that I can express that even at the expense of outcome. Which leads me into my second tip I guess, act regardless of outcome. Every decision I make whether it is in business or my personal life, I make even if I know it will take me down a difficult path, cause pain, loss of income or loosing the upper hand as long as it’s the right thing to do. If and when it happens, I lose sleep, I stress, I’m like every other human being out there. I get upset and I put my music on, workout, take my mind off things but I come back and pursue the difficult path. And that is the third thing you’re going to do, do the difficult work that nobody else wants. If I have to work a 17 hour day I’ll do it and there is no poor me at the end, there is thankfully a bed and an alarm clock ready for another 17 hour day if need be and that’s just how it is. My outlook on life might be different to you, it might be similar, it might be the same. I think anyone given enough time can benefit from being authentic at the expense of outcome if they are willing to work on difficult things. Be brave, be a leader.

    Your family might resist to begin with but a year on, two years, might just thank you for saving their life. We never truly know the holes our loved ones live in, imagine if you could bring them out.



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