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Every day my social media feeds are bombarded with “You don’t need to cut out things you like in order to lose weight.” “Just control the calories.” “Don’t be boring.” Trainers around the world still yelling at us ‘CrossFitters’ that our prescription of eating real food is too difficult for the general public, blah, blah, blah…

Yet any time you and those same trainers do venture to the ‘boring’ art of preparing a meal consisting of some meat, colourful vegetables and whole food fats, suddenly makes your personal instagram feed accompanied by the most amount hashtags you’ve ever used in your life.

So riddle me this, if that style of eating is truly boring and not ideal, why do you put it on a pedestal for us all to see when you finally do it once?

Because deep down we all know at some level that as human beings, we aren’t supposed to be addicted to sugar, alcohol and other processed foods, but we are. And you struggle with trying to get from where you are now with food to the other side where (not that many people live). That’s right, even us CrossFitter’s are not always eating the whole foods at every meal.

Why are you the way you are when it comes to food?

Level of education about food is probably the least of your worries, massively different environmental factors that influence your food choices such as who you are friends with, your partners eating habits, your parents eating habits, what your children want to eat oh and a long list of other psychological and sociological factors that heavily influence your decision making around food are the culprits that real nutrition coaches tackle. Notice not a single mention of calorie control, types or quality of food was mentioned. We look at what really matters.

You don’t need another trainer telling you what to eat or how many calories to eat. You clearly know that I’ve seen your instagram. It’s how you handle everything else in your life, that’s where the real change comes from, it means letting someone else have a look under the hood and that can be pretty daunting.



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