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  1. You don’t need to count calories in order to lose weight.

  2. Calories matter when it comes to weight loss.

Source: Optimize Nutrition – EC Synkoswski, CF-L4

I think this sums up the fitness industry really well. You often find two ends of the spectrum with no middle ground but we are here to tell you that both statements are true in fact, they are as true as ;

  • Macro Nutrients are important

  • Micro Nutrients are important

  • Fasting can be beneficial

  • Fibre is important

  • You don’t need to cut out carbs…

Good nutrition doesn’t call for you to live a radical lifestyle that lives and dies by how much and what you put on your every plate. Good nutrition comes from being completely aware of process, choice and deep health factors. If these aren’t things you have thought about when trying to change up or address your nutritional habits then chances are (and the chances are high) it would be worth investing in a nutrition coach.

Top tip of the day, try to avoid coaches that deliver absolutes. When it comes to nutrition coaching we never deal in absolutes. When we do for example “Just count calories” although a coach could argue they are trying to make things as simple as possible for the client the fact of the matter is the client now has to live and die by the numbers with every food choice from now on and this doesn’t make for an empowered, happy or healthy lifestyle.

It’s a bit like when you’re told to go and do something that is rather vague at work only to have your boss come over a check your task accomplishment to then announce you’ve only really done half a job. People won’t read between the lines.

Counting calories is a method for losing weight but you don’t have to count calories to lose weight.

Understand process, choice, deep health and you will find outcomes like never before.



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