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You exercise regularly, always have. You eat relatively well and you are neither underweight or overweight. You dabble in various sports from time to time and so for the most part you are a ‘Fit’ person.

But something is missing…

You don’t know exactly what it is but it’s there and you’re searching for it.

You spend all of this time exercising and as fit as you are you don’t feel challenged, you don’t feel as if you’re truly pushing and you suspect their might be another side to fitness you are currently unaware of.

You are right.

We can help.

You’ve heard of CrossFit but “it’s for young people”, “I have to many injuries for that”, “I don’t have the time for it”, “I’m too old”…

You’re wrong, these are our natural instincts coming into play to keep you in your bubble and away from the unknown and unknowable.

But what happens when you pursue the unknown and unknowable?

You know as well as I, we are limited by the margins of our experiences. When we pursue hard things, that we don’t know how things will turn out, they’re often full of lessons, enlightenment and growth.

Give this thing a go. You’ve been thinking about it for years, it’s time.

You are going to discover exactly what that missing ingredient to your fitness is, it might just change your life. It often does in fact, it’s often difficult for anyone to go back to a commercial gym after exposing themselves to CrossFit.

Discover training, say bye to exercising.

Are you looking that next fitness thing but not sure if this is it?
Speak with a CrossFit Coach, we can help you figure that out.



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