When we see someone from our local area has just followed us on Instagram/Facebook we often share a quick laugh and say to ourselves “See you in 6-12months *Insert name here*.” Whilst we might be joking when we say this, often there is an element of truth.

When we schedule our ‘no sweat intro’s’ our first question is usually “So how did you hear about us?” and the most common answer we get is “Well I’ve been following you for a while and finally decided after looking elsewhere that you indeed would be a good fit for me.”

This is of course fair enough, we can’t force your hand or make you join any quicker but our question to you is why are you waiting? Or what is it that you need to know about us that you currently don’t?

Having spoken to other affiliate owners, they expressed the exact same thing happens to them. Does this happen in the David Lloyds and commercial sector of the industry too? No it doesn’t and I think I know why.

Micro gym’s (CrossFit, Functional fitness spaces, independents) don’t sell access to space and equipment. We sell a service. Our service is coaching and it’s a relationship based service. Basically, the stars have to align in order for someone to click that schedule a no sweat intro button. You have to feel like you know us, what we are about and what we value before you can commit to getting involved with us.

It’s actually perfectly smart of you and something I tell every one of our members/clients to do. Always make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. I continually tell people how CrossFit affiliates specifically are different from one another. One can be your worst nightmare and another can be the best thing ever.

My thoughts to those of you currently assessing us from afar, we see you, we are genuinely excited to work with you and help you improve whatever it is you’re looking for. The most common thing we hear from new members is they wish they had started sooner. The biggest result you’ll get from us initially is an improvement in mental health. Our goal is to give you something to look forward to at the start, end or even during your working day. We won’t consume your life and we certainly won’t be labelling you as a ‘CrossFit Wan*er’‘ those aren’t our kind of people. Instead we’ll show you a progressional path that will help you build confidence within yourself, improve your health and even help you perform better at life daily task’s.

Our values;

Integrity – We don’t do things for a quick buck or quick results. We do things that are difficult, take time and are worth pursuing. We don’t cheat at anything, we put the time, effort and patience that’s needed in. We expect integrity from our clients too. From how they move to how they treat others inside the gym as well as outside. We don’t entertain the idea of social ladders or cliques. We aren’t your gym if you’re looking to simply be cool on instagram.

Honesty – I think the above statement said it all really, difficult conversations are a part of relationships and that’s okay, honesty has it’s place.

Fun – CrossFit should only ever be a fun way to get really damn fit. The second you make it serious by trying to work on ‘weakness’s’ “build an engine” “make the games” you will be removing the one factor that kept you attending regularly in the first place, FUN.

I could go on, but you’re doing pretty well if you’ve even made it this far. I hope to see you soon and for any gym owners that are reading this, hopefully that’s a different perspective on why growing a gym can take some time.

Mike Macleod
Lead Coach
CrossFit Level 3 Trainer (CCFT)



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