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The easiest, quickest and cheapest way to kickstart your fitness is with food. Yeah the boring stuff that everyone struggles with from day to day.

Most of us take on a new fitness programme or new gym as a way of counter balancing our not so great food choices but long term we know this isn’t good for us both physically and mentally.

Here’s a few home truths from our members who started with Nutrition first.

I never realised that I wasn’t eating enough during the day and how that was impacting all of my choices around for when I did sit down to prepare a meal. Nutrition accountability has been eye opening and priceless.

Before starting nutrition coaching I would not eat much during the day and then end up snacking at night but now I realise by eating more whole food, fruit veg and protein during the day I was less hungry in the evening and snacked far less.

Solv’s Nutrition coaching has helped me to focus, to appreciate just how much fruit and veg I should be eating and how much better I feel when I fuel myself properly.
Nutrition coaching with Solv has made me appreciate that my food has a direct input on my mood, energy levels, and my ability to train well.

We help hard working professionals tackle their health and fitness goals. It’s difficult to dedicate the time and energy to improving our own health by ourselves. Investing in a professional to take care of our goals is a direct root to success. You don’t have to keep on spinning your wheels when it comes to health & nutrition, you could get some help by booking a FREE NO SWEAT INTRO



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