We Told New Prospect’s Not To Join Our Gym


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That’s right, over the past two weeks we’ve been up to our ears with new prospects looking for a new gym to call home and we told them not to join us.

Why would we do this when our businesses are struggling more than ever?

Gyms have been hit hard over COVID there’s no denying it, us included!

But we found a recurring theme from many of our new prospects from other local gyms.

“I just feel so unmotivated and so I think a change is due.”

“I just feel that what my gym offered during lockdown wasn’t as good as what you offer.”

“I think my current gym is changing it’s services for when they re-open and I’m not sure if it will be right for me.”

But this is the truth for every gym, your circumstances aren’t as unique as you think.

Every gym offered the best they could. Every gym has had time to re-think their services and every gym including us has members that are currently unmotivated despite our best efforts.

None of these are reasons to leave your gym.

Your gym made you confident once.

Your gym helped you make friends once.

Your gym helped you lose 3-20kilos in a year.

Your gym introduced you to weight training which changed your life.

Your gym allowed you to workout with your partner, it drastically improved the quality of your relationship.

Your gym made you feel motivated once.

Your gym made you feel valued and accepted.

Your gym made you feel excited and optimistic about life.

Your gym is the reason that when you got COVID, you didn’t die!

Your gym gives you the confidence that COVID and viruses alike will never affect you long term.

Your gym is still the same gym, COVID just got in the way for a little while.

But now because you’ve been away from the gym, lost motivation, didn’t get that one kettlebell that would of actually just sat underneath the dinning room table for 3 months, you think you need a different gym?

Here’s our advice, start again.

Start again with your gym, as if you have no history with them at all and see what they can do for you this time.

The only gyms that haven’t changed anything are commercial, you’ll still be just a number and just a membership. Independent gyms care enough to have spent the last few months re-thinking their services to help you best.

Thats worth sticking around for.

Support your gym upon re-opening.

And to all the gym owners locally or nationally, do what we have done. We could have made a quick buck, but the reasons for leaving and joining are not valid reasons. People want quick fixes, quick fixes don’t exist and quick bucks are spent even quicker.

We don’t do lies or things to attract attention, these intros have happened with members from local gyms and we told them to stay where they are and give you all a chance.



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