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I had an intro call with a new client last week, on that call I asked this person what they were hoping we could do for them?

I was touched by what they said next.

“I’ve never really liked myself for almost my entire life.”

I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing but I was also so glad that they had shared what I can imagine has been their biggest and longest secret for the longest time and how great it must of felt to get that off of their chest knowing that we could most likely help.

The conversation went on for a good hour and by the end we had a plan in place to get started with some simple nutrition tips to start the process of getting our mojo’s back, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the conversation since.

How many people out there are currently living with that same feeling hanging over their head that follows them around?

One of the reasons I got into CrossFit was because for the first time fitness wasn’t just about measuring food, endless cardio and looking in the mirror. I was introduced to weight training, community, coaching and support from angles that followed me out of the gym into my home & work life.

It’s no wonder people have such amazing results from CrossFit as opposed to the yoyo diets, bootcamps and commercial gym’s we’ve all experienced in the past.

I guess I’m writing about this because the conversation has been replaying over and over in my head. I wish I could take away those feelings for this client in a heartbeat and give them the confidence they deserve.

I’m also sharing it because if you’re reading this and this sounds familiar to you, did you know you don’t have to suffer in silence?

Not liking yourself, body or how you’re living shouldn’t have to last longer than it already has. I can only imagine it’s already gone on long enough, so how low do you have to feel before you decide that change is needed?

Then when you have decided, do you even know what to look for, how to start, how much time, energy and money you’ll need to invest to get to the other side of that bell curve?

Food is the single thing that holds us back, we all know that but we don’t necessarily understand the depth of just how much it can hold us back.

See we normally think that we lack motivation to workout and that that’s the reason as to why we don’t feel good or manage to ever make a start.

But it’s not true.

When we lack the correct tools and plan of action for any task be it getting healthier or a work project. We are far less likely to get motivated enough to start it. Over the course of lockdown for example we found that 20% of our membership turned into ghost’s, 60% stayed engaged and happy given the circumstances of lockdown but another 20% became inspired, motivated and achieved more in lockdown than they did when we were open!


That 20% took us up on our offer of regular check-ins in the form of goal reviews.

In those goal reviews we gave those clients a plan, we gave them the correct tools and we booked them in for check-ins to help them stay on task.

Coaching and guidance from someone with the correct tools and plan is the most effective way of getting you from where you are now to the other side of that bell curve.

You know there is a healthier version of yourself out there. We can help you find it.

Poor choices around food have catastrophic effects on mood, energy and overall health.

Part of not being happy or liking yourself is rooted in your food selection, we shit you not!

And there are quick ways around it.

Quick and easy, start taking some multi vitamins, you’ll feel better, you might even decided to get outside for a walk or jog. Go pro by getting in 800g of fruits and veggies instead?

You see there’s also not one way of getting you over the bell curve. Taking multivitamins isn’t exactly tackling your worst nutrition habits, but if it moves the needle forward, it’s a start!

Making changes doesn’t have to be big leap, in fact it really shouldn’t be anyway. Start small and make small jumps with each success.

If you’re suffering from obesity the chances are you’ve already experienced some of the things that hold even fit and healthy people back.

Compression of the spine causing lower back pain, bad knees, ankles even hips. Low mood and low energy keep you where you are.

When it’s time for a change, give us a ring!

Book an intro, you won’t regret it.

Feeling like as low as ‘not liking yourself’ doesn’t have to be your forever and we can help you break that barrier for good!



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