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First let’s get a common worry out of the way.

The daily leaderboard doesn’t matter.
We know some of you hate putting your ‘scores’ up on the leaderboard, we get it and you’ll be glad to know we don’t even think it’s important. We will not push you into doing this, you don’t need to, it has no purpose other than to encourage ‘fist bumping.’ The thought of entering your best effort as a score and coming last on the leaderboard is not what we do here. If I had it my way the only score you would be able to enter is a score out of 10 based on how good you thought your technique was for every single rep you did today. That’s another story, I’m going off on a tangent here.

Why doesn’t the daily leaderboard matter?
Tracking fitness isn’t a day to day thing. In the olympics you compete every 4 years although this is out of respect for an accent term and tradition it does help put your fitness into perspective. Anyone can make an improvement to their fitness in 30,60 or 90 days. But if 3 years later you’ve turned into an obese coach potato, it wasn’t really worth it or anything special was it? In the olympics you can expect to train every single day for years upon years for a 1Kg PB in the snatch. Statistically the most common result for any olympic athlete is losing, but does that make them a loser?

So what does matter in the SugarWOD app?
Your profile. First of all, you can make things private, yeah just go into settings and you’ll figure that out. But to us what is important is that you start to collect data at some point and right now is the best time because simply put, we are back in the gym and I want you to establish a starting point.

Things you’ll want to log in the profile/benchmark area of sugarWOD, not the daily leaderboard.

  • Barbell PR’s

  • Benchmark Workouts

  • Gym Benchmark Workouts

  • Energy or Nutrition Diary (Personal Logbook Section)

We can use this data to refer to in our goal reviews every 90 days. Every 90 days we will be choosing workouts from the sections listed above so you regularly smash and set new goals.

We know being see as not as fit as someone else is daunting and negative but you also know that here at Solv that’s in your head. It is also in everyone else head but only the same insecurity about themselves not others.

So do what we do, play the long game. Track the big stuff, keep it private, make goals and utilise tracking the right way.

Let us know in the comments if this helps!



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