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Joining a gym usually starts with a tour. You’re shown a class timetable, all the wonderful facilities you’ll have access to, all the equipment you could use and then the list of membership options available to you.

It’s no wonder why new potential clients start off with questions like ‘“how much are you a month?”, “when are your classes?”

But let’s just hold up a second. Did you manage to see any results worth mentioning from the gym you had a tour of?

Chances are, probably not.

That’s the first reason why we value our ‘No sweat intro’ process and we take all new potential members through it.

We spend that time asking you about you.

We want to know what it is that you want us to do for you. Have you ever been asked that by a fitness professional? It’s crazy that when we have a health problem that requires an appointment with a GP, we book an appointment and we describe all of the symptoms we feel from our problem and we wait for the professionals judgement on what they think the condition is. Yet when it comes to our fitness we choose a method before we’ve even spoken to a coach.

“Spin is apparently good for you, I’ll try that.”
”I heard powerlifting is good for bones, I’ll give that a go.”
”I heard yoga is the best way to keep, everything else is a gimmick.”

And the list goes on.

A gym tour doesn’t help you lose 25lbs.
A large selection of equipment doesn’t make you stronger or improve your technique.
A huge class timetable doesn’t improve your attendance or consistency of going to the gym.

So we start by asking you exactly what it is that you want to achieve. What are your hobbies? What has worked for you in the past? What is stopping you from achieving your goals now?

After listening to your story we can make a prescription that will work best for you and you alone. You might come in hoping to do CrossFit, you might finish the conversation needing to go swimming 3 times a week. Your goals, hurdles & lifestyle factors will determine our prescription just like the GP listening to your symptoms help him/her determine the condition and the course of pills to help you out.

It means we are effective.
It means we get you.
It means we know how to push you to achieve your next goal.

Book a no sweat intro, we can help you.



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