We asked our members their top habits for health, happiness and performance. These are the most common and therefore some of the most effective habits for a life full of health, happiness and performance.

  1. Health – Fruits & Veggies
    By no surprise fruit and vegetable consumption was the most common habit our clients focus on when trying to improve their health. On average our clients said they focus on trying to eat 800g or more of fruits and vegetables per day.

    ”I have grown to be so aware of how I feel after a meal, and know I always feel my best (most energetic/alert) when I’ve fuelled my body with mostly veg.”
    – Rosie

  2. Happiness – The outdoors
    Our clients referenced outdoor activities with friends, family and fur babies the most for improving happiness. As much as you might feel you need to get in the gym, we know it’s important to get out of it too and it goes to show with our members habits. Getting outdoors improves happiness for many reasons. Vitamin D, physical activity, site seeing, exploring and much more. Exploring is in our DNA, we were built for the outdoors. Get out there and get happy.

Performance – Consistency
Consistency was the most referenced habit for improving performance, some even referencing making a goal and getting coached toward that goal. Staying consistent is of course a vital habit for improving all three not just performance. Staying consistent means doing something health & fitness wise that doesn’t fill you with dread, overload your stress or too hard that you can’t commit to doing it for 10,20 even 30 years.

So, why did we ask?

  1. We’re not all on top of our health, happiness or performance. Some of us are exactly where we want to be, others are trying and some have no idea how to start. By sharing with each other in our facebook group we were able to educate others on what some of our most successful clients do to improve these factors. Sharing is caring and we are interested in your lifestyle.

  2. We’re able to help you NOW. You might not be a member of our gym but we can certainly help others outside of our community by sharing our top tips. If you’re looking to make an improvement to any of the factors listed above, you know exactly what our members do that achieve fantastic results. Get going and let us know how you get on.



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