This Autumn at Solv


Here’s a quick overview of everything we have coming up over the last quarter of the year.

Event : ‘WOD & BEVVY’
When : Saturday 11th September 18:30 & October 30th 18:30
What : Your Saturday nights are different with us, get fit, drink up, get home and in bed by 10pm. This event is a closed event to Solv members only, we workout and then socialise over a beer (if you like) on our mezzanine area, a much loved event in the Solv Community.

Event : CrossFit Level 1 Seminar
When : September 11th-12th & October 30th-31st
What : We are a host facility for CrossFit Inc and every month welcome prospective coaches from all over the world as they embark on the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course to become a CrossFit Trainer. We are fortunate to be able to offer our members a space on the course, the gym is closed to members during the day of the seminar.

Course : Solv Gymnastics Level 2 Course
When : Monday 27th September for 6 consecutive weeks
What : Our highly popular 6 week gymnastic series is back, this month with the level 2 course kicking off. The level 2 serves as our intermediate course tackling skills such as muscle ups, toes to bar, handstand push ups and handstand walks. In order to participate in the course you must be able to perform 1-5 Strict Pull Ups & a 15s L-Sit or have completed the Solv Gymnastic Level 1 course.


Course : Kickstart Nutrition Course
When : Monday 25th October
What : Our kickstart nutrition programme makes a final appearance of the year. This programme has been so successful throughout the year allowing participants to truly tackle some habits around food and lifestyle. It’s difficult to know exactly what’s so good about this nutrition programme when every gym seems to be offering something similar or saying this is the bet vs this etc, etc. We will simply say read our clients testimonials on instagram, this programme works and spaces are limited. £22.50 a week for 6 weeks.


Course : Solv Gymnastics Level 1 Course
When : Monday 15th November for 6 consecutive weeks
What : Our highly popular 6 week gymnastic series is back, this month with the level 1 course kicking off. The level 1 serves as our beginner course tackling skills such as pull ups, L-sits, rope climbs, shapes and poses. The course is open to all regardless of ability or experience. Book a goal review and see if this course is for you.




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