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With any new prospective client, we start with goals. In this blog I’ll take you through an example client journey from day 1 to day 90 and their first goal review. The example given is actually a client of ours and the exact A – B we used.

Day 1 – The No Sweat Intro

Sandra came to us looking for some guidance on how to exercise correctly. She had actually signed up to one of our nutrition challenges during lockdown and lost a considerable amount of weight. Enough weight that she began to exercise at home and was now at a point where she had gone as far as she could on her own. In our intro she stated how she couldn’t even jump off the floor when she started and that now she is capable of doing burpees and wants to simply continue to see progress.

Day 1 – The Prescription

4 Personal Training Sessions
36 Group Training Sessions
Continuation of Nutrition Principles

Based on Sandra’s goals of wanting to learn how to move correctly and continue to workout under a coaches eye we prescribed Sandra the following;

4 Personal Training Sessions: Each designed to teach 3 foundational movements focusing only on technique followed by a short beginner workout that get’s progressively more challenging over the 4 sessions. This satisfied Sandra’s need for learning correct technique as well as introducing her to increased intensity in her workouts to see progression.

3 Group Training Sessions Per Week For 90 Days: We didn’t want to overwhelm Sandra with lots of training days. We knew the intensity of the group classes although she felt confident and prepared for due to the personal training sessions still could pose a threat to her consistency, 3 is a magic number. Not too much, not too little. Our group training sessions are a perfect blend of strength, conditioning and skill work suitable to all abilities.

Continue to implement your nutritional practices along side training : We told Sandra it would be important to continue to implement the skills she picked up from our nutrition challenge to compliant her training. By doing so we could guarantee that she would have enough energy to stay focused on her goals and turn up to training. She would have enough nutrients to recover from her workouts without feeling totally overwhelmed by measuring, weighing or preparing food.

Day 90 – The Goal Review

“Since joining I’ve lost a further 27lbs, I feel fantastic. I sleep better, my energy is through the roof and my recovery has improved so much I want to do 5 sessions a week now. I’ve learnt so many new movements, in my first personal training session I was struggling to do a push up off a 30” box, now I can do multiple push ups off an 18” box in and amongst other exercises whilst under fatigue.”

“I now want to work on my running, I feel like it’s the only thing that let’s me down so I’d like to shift my focus into running and improve that. That’s something that would have never have been on my radar 3 months ago.”

So in short, yes you can get fit by Christmas just as Sandra did so in 90 days.

If that sounds good to you then our intro session would be right up your ally. It doesn’t mean we’ll do exactly the same thing. After listening to your goals we might want to focus on other things, less PT, more group, less training more nutrition etc, etc…

If you’re not sure, why not tell us your goal via email and we will get back to you with what we would do to achieve it.

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