Consistency with working out has less to do with motivation than you might think.

The truth is that those who feel happiest about their progress are doing things you’re probably not. Yes they are turning up more than you but that’s not the key.

Those who make the most progress and/or are happiest with their results are those that do the following 3 things;

  1. Book goal reviews every 90 days

  2. Invest in additional services such as Personal Training and/or nutrition coaching.

  3. Post their Bright Spots every single week without fail in the Facebook group.

You don’t need to do these all at once but you do need to do them if you’re interested in getting somewhere with your fitness.

You might miss a group class but you probably won’t miss a personal training session. There’s just more gravity to it both financially but also emotionally. In a personal training session the coach knows you on an individual level. They know exactly what you need, what makes you tick and what move you forward. Nutrition is the same and bright spots is simply a behaviour change programme.

Knowledge has never been the issue, it’s out there for free. Everyone of my intro sessions has a client referencing the following statement;

“I know that if I start to move more everything else will follow and I’ll reach my goals.”

But the matter of fact is is that you’ve been moving around all of your life so why are you still not there yet if this is true?

Knowledge is not the issue.

It’s the same no matter the goal too.

If you want to be able to do more complex skills like handstand push ups then you don’t need more group classes with the programme to bias HSPU, you need to spend more time with a coach taking action on the things that go into being able to perform handstand push ups safely and effectively.

Start getting honest with yourself, book a goal review and reclaim your fitness journey. You were once motivated enough to start the conversation, this is me giving you the confidence to continue the conversation.

Let’s change it up.



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