What To Do If You Can’t Make It To The Gym

Last week I gave you some advice on what to do when you missed a session, this week I’m expanding on that, with some suggestions on what to do if you know you are going to be away from the gym for an extended period of time (eg travelling for work, on holiday) but would like to stay active or on track with your goals.

A super simple way of exercising whilst away is is to bring trainers with you, and go for a couple of runs, jogs or walks.

If you’d like to train more similarly to how we do at Solv, you can find hundreds of workouts online with a quick google search.

For example, if you don’t have access to a gym, ‘crossfit workouts no equipment’ yields lots of results; you can select one based on your goals and your current fitness levels.

You can also get creative. A goblet squat could become a squat holding a bag with some books, a ring dip could become a dip from a chair or sofa, a pullup could become a bent over row holding bags/odd objects.

If you do have access to some equipment, there’s no reason why you can’t follow along with our normal programmeming, swapping exercises as needed using our mobile workout app.

We also still have some workouts specifically designed for minimal equipment/training at home on SugarWOD from past lockdowns; check out some of the sessions from Nov. 5th – Nov. 20th 2020 or even visit our Youtube Page for full follow along workout with a coach.

If you’re on holiday, why not get your family/friends involved too – and impress them with your fitness!

If you’d like some extra help or personalised workouts, speak to a coach, we’d love to help out/write a programme for you.


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