4 Crazy Questions To Ask Yourself

What is good about NOT changing?

What is working for you with the status quo? What are the benefits of staying the same? Why is it that when you look into a new fitness or nutrition regime you know you want to make a change and at the last second before booking that intro session or making that first call, we go back on what we said and do nothing?

Well if that’s you (and it’s been us all at some point) you need to ask yourself these 4 crazy questions;

  1. What is good about NOT changing?
  2. What would be BAD about changing?
  3. What might be GOOD about changing?
  4. What might be BAD about NOT changing?

As coaches we know that the majority of the busy adults we coach in our gym could use more than a helping hand with their nutrition. We know and even they know they would see better and more results if they added nutrition coaching into the mix.

But we often don’t pull the trigger (even though we know we should) and it’s usually for one of these reasons;

  1. We tried before and it didn’t work.
  2. We don’t want to take away the foods we love and enjoy.
  3. We don’t want to become ‘Tupperware Tim from the gym’ at work.
  4. We have no idea how to reach our goals without doing any of the above.

It’s no wonder we avoid nutrition when that’s what we think.

So let’s start with this and this might contradict what you know from the past or before you joined Solv.

  • Nutrition Coaching is NOT a service that removes food from your diet.
  • Nutrition Coaching is NOT about being prepared in advance every single day armed with Tupperware boxes.
  • Nutrition Coaching is NOT quick, we usually work with busy adults for a minimum of 3 months and some even need more than 12 months of mentorship.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”
– Albert Einstein

This doesn’t just apply to Nutrition, it applies to the gym you don’t regularly attend, the books that sit on your shelf that you haven’t yet read, the endless to-do list you inevitably feel like you have as an adult.

We are here to make that all go away.

With a coach who understands exactly where you want to be we can help you remove hurdles and focus on the things that create change. Get asking yourself these questions and start to take action!


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