About us

We’re not here to be like every other gym out there. The fitness industry offers lots of false promises. We offer the truth and we’ll support you in your efforts to turn your health around.

About us

We’re the down to earth fitness people. We have and will continue to be interested in improving other peoples health and fitness. We’re the trainers that will show you how and what to do when it comes to your health and fitness goals vs expecting you to do what we do.

Why We Started

Mike MacLeod owner of Solv CrossFit

Lead Coach

Mike MacLeod

I founded our gym in 2016 with the goal of helping busy adults who don't believe they can lose weight, get fit and/or live a pain free life. I set out to create a like-minded community built around self improvement and growth.

I paired that with providing mature fitness solutions that solved problems. Most gyms provide access or ‘do it yourself’ services as I like to call them.  We are a ‘done with you’ service. It is our role to get to know you, understand your goals and your reasons for wanting to make a real change. We outline the journey ahead with honesty and integrity, after all a coach’s role is to filter out the noise of the industry and pull to the light the things that will work for you. This helps you get exactly what you want, results. So we exist to professionalise the fitness coach, attain excellent results for our clients & deliver a fantastic client experience in the process.


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