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Our founder

Michael MacLeod

I opened Solv CrossFit in 2017 with the belief that busy adults could transform their health once and for all. Our mission is to help 10,000 busy adults in Worcestershire transform their lives 150 at a time, but why 10,000? When we opened, the population of Worcester was around 100,000. I believe that for every person we have success with in changing their lifestyle that they too would have an impact on someone else close to them for the better. And if every one of our successful clients could let’s say have an impact on ten people, then over time 10% of Worcestershire’s population would be healthier, happier, stronger and more able. This is what gives me the drive, passion and motivation to wake up every day and help people. Knowing that there is a reason, a purpose, a goal and that together we could achieve it.

But CrossFit? Really?

Something else you should know about Solv is this. Yes we use CrossFit’s methods in our group coaching offering, why? Because it is the best fitness methodology out there, proven, supported and documented well within the sports science communities. The thing you don’t like is the culture that CrossFit attracts and this is what separates us from other affiliates. Yes we do CrossFit, but we do CrossFit without the military, competitive and clique like culture. In fact only 60 of the current 110 people we service each month actually do CrossFit. What makes us unique is that you don’t have to decide if CrossFit is for you. Instead, we’ll ask you what are you actually hoping to achieve with any type of fitness and nutrition programme? We’ll then match the service, programme or piece of advice that best fits your desired result. And that might not be CrossFit. So come with an open mind. If you’ve been gym hopping all of your life, trying and failing or had trainers make false promises in the past, we could be for you. Check out our blog, podcast, social media or come in and have a chat by booking a free no sweat intro. You’ll see that we really aren’t a ‘gym’, we are simply some people trying to offer our bit of good to the world.

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