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Our founder

Michael MacLeod

We are an inclusive, mature and down to earth coaching practice. We don’t do gym cliques or ego’s. Our team of professional coaches are capable of delivering life changing results. We care about the person in front of us. We value the things that are important to you, we ask about your job, family and hobbies. We only recommend things that will help you. We listen. We want to improve the standard of practice in the independent gym owner’s space, we provide meaningful careers for coaches allowing them to achieve a full time role with us.

Hi I’m Mike the owner of Solv CrossFit. I set Solv up because I strongly believe that coaching is a full time fitness profession and that CrossFit is one of the most effective ways of driving results for clients. Because of my belief in fitness coaching as a profession, Solv is absent of the fitness like culture experienced in most if not all gyms. We are for the busy adults that have struggled in the past. We are for those who need life changing results and for those who value what we value ; Hard work, empathy, a growth mindset, humility and honesty.

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