Do You Have A ‘3rd Place’?

Ever heard of a “third place?”

A sociologist named Ray Oldenburg made up that term for our gym. Well, maybe not exactly. But if home is your “first place” and work is your “second place,” third places are for reflection, recreation, relationships and re-energizing. 

Our gym is most definitely a “third place,” and we work really hard to make it an amazing environment for everyone. We take a lot of pride in running a gym that’s a friendly, fun, and professional.

You’re a huge part of that, so we have a favor to ask all of our members and prospective members : Help us keep this place special.

We have some general rules—like put your equipment away after you’re done with it—but we also have one big important one:

Stay positive and treat everyone exactly the way you’d like to be treated. 

You’re going to notice a lot of friendly people who go out of their way to make you feel at home in our gym. You get to return the favor by congratulating them on their success.

And guess what? In a few days, you’ll see someone new—someone who joined after you did. That person will be just as nervous as you are, and you can make them feel at home by smiling and introducing yourself.

Solv really is a special place thanks to our members. Thank you for helping make our gym amazing.



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