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Join our community and reach your goals faster with coaching.

WHY fitness?

Your health markers need to improve. We’ve helped reverse type II diabetes in clients, we’ve helped clients get over conditions such as Ulcerative Colitis and we’ve helped the average joe lose a bit of weight & get really, really strong! 

We use the best methods such as CrossFit, Strength Training, Bodyweight & Endurance Training.

We’ll find the best method for you based on your health & fitness goals.


– 15″ down on body measurements

– New friends with similar goals

– Joined the 100kg Deadlift Club!


– My jeans fit me again!

– PB’d my half marathon time just training here.

– Participated in the Intramural Open


– Lost 4Kgs over 2 months.

– Fitter and more consistent than I have been for years.

– Joined the 100kg Deadlift Club!


– Finally cracked box jumps!

– 100kg Deadlift Club

– 6 Years at Solv & I’m still making progress.


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