How Gemma Stays Motivated & Reaches Her Goals

This week I wanted to take some time to talk to you about one of my clients Gemma.

Gemma is really awesome and over the last few weeks she’s seen a big increase in her results that didn’t require her to purchase new or more services. She simply took advantage of conversations that were available to her as well as utilise practices that we encourage all of our members to use.

Basically, she did the things a lot of people over look or think are beneath them and found a tone of results.

“What a week! PB on the back squat and today, for the first time in years I felt comfortable running as I have chronic ankle instability and takes me ages to recover when it gets twisted. I realised how much I have improved my fitness since I started and that is thanks to you all, because without your motivation I would not be where I am now. As once someone told me…’It doesn’t get easier, you get better! I’ve been reading everyone’s bright spots each week and it’s motivated me to keep pushing and doing more in class.”

Gemma and I sat down just a few weeks before this and I highlighted to her some of the things she could do that would help her toward her goals. The first recommendation I made was to practice bright spots. Bright spots is when our members take the time out to recognise what has been going well in their week. When we do, it reinforces our thinking that we are actually doing great things and so we feel like we want to do even more the next week.

It’s why the members that consistently post bright spots get so many more results than those who don’t. Which is why we strongly recommend every to do it.

So Gemma started, she told me she wanted to improve her strength and feel lighter on her feet so that she could run without pain, in just a matter of weeks here she is, DOING IT! I’m so proud of you Gemma.

Gemma also wondered why her weight seemed to be creeping up ever so slightly. I said to Gemma, why don’t you try adding more food to your diet?

She looked at me with scepticism and I don’t blame her. Most of us are sold into the ‘more food = more weight’ energy balance which has it’s place (see my other post’s on nutrition) but for Gemma’s specific needs I thought she could do with eating more fruit and vegetables. So she tried it and one month later this is what she wrote in her Bright Spots.

“Amazing week, PB in the push press, lost 2kg since last goal review thanks to Mike’s recommendations! I’ve had so much fun this week and my motivation is growing! I am loving it!”

So there you have it, Gemma managed to build her own motivation through conversation and practice. She took action on the things we told her to take action on which yielded her some new results.

Don’t underestimate the power of bright spots and conversations with fitness professionals.


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