How To Navigate The Festive Season

The hardest time of the year for health and fitness is upon us.

No, not cold and flu season.

The holiday season.

Everyone usually takes a few steps back from November through to January. For some people they never recover from getting out of the habit of working out and eating well.

But, we have a plan to help you get through it.

Step 1 : We’re going to be reaching out to you over the next few days so you can let us know what you think your biggest hurdles will be when approaching the holiday season. For some it’s binge eating all the Christmas biscuits, for others it’s alcohol and for some it’s the whole package. Not working out, eating out, drinking out, recovering at work and repeating every weekend with each different side of the family or friendship group until you can no longer remember how to do kipping pull ups.

Step 2 : Track your habits. We’ll provide you with a worksheet that can act as a safety net for you to rely on during the festive period. We don’t want you to miss out on family time or time with friends over Christmas drinks, but we don’t want to see you take 3 steps back from everything you’ve achieved this year. A habits tracker will allow you to participate in every activity imaginable this Christmas with minimal back tracking.

Step 3 : Make a goal or focus for January. Have something booked in for January that get’s you out of your Christmas grotto as soon as possible. You don’t have to hit the goal in January, your goal is to have something you’re going to work on. Take the time and have a think about what you want to achieve, book a goal review and set your sights on that marker. We’ll help keep you accountable to it and throw all the services that can help you your way when the time comes!

So there it is, Christmas done.

Want some help with staying on track? Book a goal review to receive your habits tracker and make a plan with a coach.


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