Is Personal Training More Effective Than Group Training?

In short, yes.

At Solv we offer personal training to everyone who walks through our door, because although group training may have been effective for us when we first started out, personal training is simply radically more effective at getting our clients results.

But it also allows us to make you feel welcome, settled and confident in our environment. ‘Gyms’ are confusing, ‘CrossFit boxes’ are intimidating but people or coaches I should say are usually a better filter or lifeboat that can help you navigate the bits you’re not ready to yet like training alone or training in a group of people who know what they are doing.

Personal Training is a service where we can completely focus on you, what you need, what you want and we can deliver a 10/10 service because you are telling us what’s important to you every time we see you.

Personal Training works and we have plenty of packages to suit most budgets.

So why do you also offer group training?

Group training can produce great organic results. Organic meaning increases in strength, endurance, stamina and flexibility. We offer group training because building a community of like minded individuals can keep people training in the same place for years which means they are more likely to get results and a greater depth of results due to the time they devote it, the problem is is that the average life span of a gym member is less than 9 months. At Solv our average length of membership is 23.6 months and this is down to our delivery of services specifically in personal training.

We love group training but and most CrossFit gyms only offer group training but there is a reason for that that nobody wants to talk about.

The truth is is that I eat 3-4 meals a day that consist of only whole foods. I have a great balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates at every meal. I limit my sugar and alcohol intake, I don’t smoke, I get 8 hours of sleep, I don’t have children and my stress is pretty low. I played sports well into my 20’s and never did the binge drinking at University because I was too busy playing sport. This is why group training gives me more results than most busy adults in their 20s,30s and 40’s. My body is not like your body. We made different decisions when we were younger and so our bodies respond better to the training because it’s been a part of our lifestyle for much longer.

3 Months of PT can generate more results than 3 months of group training. But what if you quit PT after 3 months?

You’ll eventually back track and PT would have been a waste of time.

Group really also stops people from back tracking.

You could do some personal training and make lots of progress, head into group for 3 months and see some results. Less results than PT but you could still make some progress, if you then went on to do some more PT you would make even more progress and the process repeats.

Think of it like a business, you can’t expect every month to be a PB month. But what you do want to avoid is the feeling of going backwards and that’s what group training is very effective at, stopping you from undoing your progress.

If you are interested in working 1:1 with a coach at Solv go ahead and book an intro, we’ll figure out what you need based on your goals and get you started with a plan that’s going to work for you.


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