Our Mission

Our Mission & Vision

If you’ve never read any of our material on our mission & vision, our reasoning for existing you can do so here > https://solvcrossfit.com/about/. There’s a brief history on what lead me to open Solv in the first place. Every year I review our mission and vision and update it to keep things relevant but also to hold myself and our staff accountable to the reasons our coaching practice exists in the first place so we don’t stray away from the important things.

It’s so easy to become distracted by the noise of the industry; the latest fitness crazes, new pieces of equipment, new fancy gyms opening on every corner or even new fad diets… they’re all just distractions from the important bit, you purchased coaching because you wanted to get better.

Our Mission

The Solv Fitness mission is to enhance the lives of 11,500 people through fitness.

Despite the ever expanding health & fitness industry (although in 2022 it actually shrunk by 4.5%), new ‘superior’ fitness concepts, equipment & all singing, all dancing, sparkling facilities, kids and adults today are unhealthier than ever before.

Our national health service is crumbling, struggling to dig itself out from underneath the weight of the chronically diseased and we face an even more ironic problem, doctors, nurses and care workers are also sick with the exact same conditions, we have sick people looking after sick people…

Getting healthier and fitter as a race is the biggest fight we face and your best chance of accomplishing it is with the help of a coach. Coaches help filter out the noise of the industry, we use experience to move your health metrics forward. If we can educate you on how you should be moving, what you should be eating and get you to do it consistently over time, you’ll pass on your knowledge to your children and others.

By reaching 11,500 households over the next 10 years we could impact over 60,000 people. That’s 60,000 people who won’t need assistance in their 80’s or 90’s. That’s 60,000 people who won’t need medication, a hospital bed, a carer or numerous appointment at the GP in their later years robbing those who are actually in need.

Improved health and fitness in humans means our NHS could recover, Doctors, Nurses and carers could become healthier allowing them to get back to the real genius of medicine and health care. Helping people recover from serious injuries, fixing genetic diseases, solving complex neurolgoical problems and finding cures for diseases…

The fitness industry has been failing for years, we’ve led consumers to believe that exercise is medicine and that showing up is enough. The truth is that if you’re not improving your nutrition, limiting and significantly reducing your alcohol intake your efforts in the gym are worthless. We need to re-introduce what gyms or coaches are actually for. We exist to improve your health markers, all of them. We exist to stop people from simply sustaining their current level of health & fitness, this is the biggest killer of them all. Live your entire life at well going to the gym 3-5 times a week only to eat and drink your results away with poor lifestyle habits and behaviours, this way of and approach to health and fitness is the reason most of us will end up needing care and pills in our 70’s and beyond. We are here to break this cycle. At Solv, you must improve your health markers until they get to a place where sustaining them makes sense. This means you must actively pursue gaining the ability to do a pull up, you must actively change the way you eat, you must drink less alcohol and you must take on the advice of our coaches and improve your health regularly.

We are here to help you do that and this is our mission for 2023 on beyond.


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