Sports Therapy

We help busy adults get out of pain so they can live the life they want to.

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Have you been in pain for years? Have you seen every health care provider out there with little to no improvement?

We help busy adults who have given up hope of getting pain free. The reason you have failed in the past wasn’t due to a lack of trying or knowledge but an absence of a long term solutions with tangible milestones. We will reduce your symptoms of pain, help you understand your own body, provide a long term solution and track your progress so you don’t waste time, energy or money.

Assess & Prescribe

Let's understand exactly what's going on with your unique situation we can work out how to help you best.

Set objectives

We won't just give you exercises to do at home. Instead we'll provide you step by step plan to getting you out of pain for good.

Personalised attention

No two bodies are the same which is why we personalise every plan. We will show you exactly what you need.

Lasting results

We won't stop at pain free. We'll give you the tools and strength needed to help prevent pain from coming back.

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Free Intro
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