The Advanced Theory Course 7th January 2023

We are looking for our next coaching talent!

Have you been inspired by our mission of helping 10,000 busy adults in Worcestershire 150 at a time to reach their health and fitness goals?

Have you experienced for yourself first hand the mental and physical transformation that is possible through what we do here at Solv CrossFit?

Have you been intrigued by the thought of coaching or interested in how to pursue it as a profession?

If so then read on.

One issue in the industry is how do I start? You may or may not be qualified but gaining experience can be really challenging and there are far more skills that you’ll need that are outside the scope of most fitness qualifications.

Which is why we put this course together.

We want to find amazing coaching talent from within our community to potentially work with us in 2023. The advanced theory course is every Solv coaches first step. This course allows us to find the people that will suit working with us best. It’s not to find the best coach/teacher, the purpose of the advanced theory course is to bring you up to speed on what we do, how we do it, why we do it so you can get ahead if and when you become a coach. We can find the people with the right values, morales & culture, three of the most important factors in Solv staff members.

What is included in the course?

  • 1 Day of lectures, practical breakout sessions & role play scenarios
  • Dive deeper into Solv CrossFit.
  • Learn more about CrossFit methodology.
  • Learn about our client journey.
  • Discuss and present to a small group.
  • Coaching development.
  • Learn about our systems & how we provide care.
  • Case studies & study guides + materials
  • Opportunity for a paid internship
  • A gift bag full of goodies!

You don’t have to be qualified to participate in the day long course. You don’t even have to want to be a coach, you may just wish to learn more about what you do and why you do it at Solv.

Our course prerequisites are ;

  • You must be generally a happy person
  • You must be passionate about helping others
  • You have to have had a somewhat life changing experience with us
  • You have to be willing to try things and push outside of your comfort zone (remember Solv was once outside of that comfort zone)
  • You must be currently consistent with your own training

The course is made up of lectures, small breakout groups and role play scenarios. All participants are expected to participate in all aspects of the course. You’ll have a small assignment to complete and you’ll get a tonne of support from our coaches. After the course we’ll be reaching out to our strongest candidates to participate in a Solv coaching paid internship, a job may be offered to the right candidate at the end of the internship.

This course is an investment to ensure that we attract the right candidates. We want people who want to help others, we want people who take education seriously and have a growth mindset. The course for non-members is £849.00 , as a Solv member you will receive a discount making the course £499.00

If everything above sounds exciting and like something that you would be interested in then book a free help call now to reserve your spot on the course. This call is for two reasons ;

  1. To make sure the course is right for you and your goals, we can answer any questions you have.
  2. To reserve your spot for January 7th 2023.


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