The Best Plan For The Reversal Of Type II Diabetes.

We’ve helped over 20 busy adults with the reversal of type II diabetes using various different methods over the last 4 years, so we know a thing or two about helping others with radical life change.

But the amazing thing about these methods is how simple they are and how effective they can be when practiced consistently.

No matter where you or your loved one is on their journey, we can help. Here are the things our clients did that changed their lives.

  1. Walk for 40 Minutes every day (hard and fast) paired with eating 800g of fruits and vegetables daily for 4 weeks.

    Yep just 4 weeks of practice helped some of our clients drastically shift their health metrics away from sickness and towards wellness. It’s difficult to tell you exactly how long for and at which point our clients became healthy again but the key thing here is that they all experienced significant weight loss, improved energy, clarity of skin and improved muscle tone whilst experiencing an absence of things such as brain fog, fatigue or symptoms of sickness. This is why it can be simple, everybody can get up and walk and everybody has access to fruits and vegetables. You can choose to consume more and you don’t even need to cut things out, in fact we didn’t tell anybody to cut anything out from their diets. We simply asked them to eat more of the good stuff.

2. CrossFit

Some people invested more money, time and energy into having expert help from our coaches at Solv CrossFit. Results here come much quicker not because the quality in prescription or programme but because of the accountability. At Solv we help busy adults reach their health and fitness goals, we check-in with you regularly, we set you small achievable goals and we change the programme if or when it’s not working for you. You can do it in a group or you can do it in a 1:1 setting, when you purchase a coach you’re actually purchasing the result!

3. Going To Sleep Earlier

Yep, something as simple as going to sleep earlier can impact your health markers when trying to battle diseases like type II diabetes, why? Well those who have poor evening routines would often find themselves consuming less favourable foods in the evening as opposed to the mornings or day time. Watching films, tv shows or playing games late into the night are often accompanied by sweet treats and beverages because our habits tell us that when we do certain activities we need certain foods for those activities, it also meant that people started to change the things they do for fun. Going to bed earlier and getting off to sleep faster also helps us regulate and stabilise our hormones setting one up for a perfect night of beauty sleep or as we call it, recovery. Your brain , body and muscles need time to recover from the day’s strain and this is what sleep is for! When you’re feeling recovered and alert the next morning you’ll naturally want to do more with your day.

4. Eat Whole Source Protein First Thing In The Morning

Eggs, steak, chicken, protein shake, fish… Get your protein in first thing in the morning. Protein keeps you fuller for longer but eating in the morning can set your day up for success. The reason we recommend protein in the morning is because western culture usually has us picking high carb and sugary cereals or meals for breakfast. It means our day is already set up high highs and low lows on the insulin train for the rest of the day. Get your protein in and say hello to more energy at 2-3pm, better metabolic rate (calories burnt at rest), less fatigue and even better skin thanks to the essential fats and amino acids that come from meat and dairy. When we say whole food we mean foods that have had minimal processing. A Mcdonalds burger for example although “100% British beef” would not count as a whole food because it is highly processed and contains huge amounts of saturated fats (non essential). You need to hit the super market and get your shopping done within the first 3 isles, fruit & veg, meat & dairy, done.

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