The New 12 Week Programme That’s Changing Bodies & Minds

I wanted to share a new programme with you. 

Over the last 6 months I’ve been fulfilling the Nutrition Role at Solv and like all of our services which we review regularly, we find things that really work, things that don’t work so well and eventually things that we are missing that would help a great deal if we had them.

We try to stay up to date with science and new research to make sure we are constantly giving you as much value as we possibly can, it’s a never ending pursuit and one we love.

Over the last 6 months I’ve primarily worked with clients that wish to change their bodies through CrossFit Training & Nutrition Coaching and we’ve had some truly remarkable results which is great because it means what we do WORKS! 


I believe I’ve found an even more effective method for body recomposition specifically through the work I’ve been doing with my PT and Nutrition Clients and I wouldn’t be giving you the value you deserve if I didn’t share it with you. 

The biggest struggle my clients face with body recomposition is the ratio of muscle to fat within their body. It’s really easy to think you have too much fat in your body but what’s usually going on is we actually have too little muscle mass. Research suggests that muscle alone accounts for 20% of your total daily calorie burn whilst fat tissue accounts for just 5%. And this is the problem that I’ve found and the problem I’m aiming to ‘Solv’. 

In order to change your body rapidly we should be doing workouts that build muscle, workouts that primarily sit in the ‘energy efficient zone’ and nutrition coaching that supports recovery and muscle growth. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t to say CrossFit is bad or doesn’t work, it’s to say that in a large group training environment that has so much variance within the programme it’s very easy to not focus or hit those specific needs.

For example we’re only focussed on building muscle alone for 1 day a week. Every other day we are building muscle but we are building it along side building endurance, skills, coordination, flexibility power, etc, etc because the purpose and goal for group training is to build FITNESS not body recomposition. We’re getting better at everything, 1% better across all 10 physical skills, I hope that makes sense. 

Due to being in a large group, most adults also can not regulate their own intensity despite coaches efforts to scale. You try to keep up with others and will happily allow your heart rate to sky rocket into the red zone of 180 bpm+ which although research shows can burn more calories of fat than other zones, you are unable to workout in this zone long enough to see the benefit. We miss the mark again.

Now, this new programme isn’t for everyone, for example, many of you have found incredible and even life changing results from CrossFit and so that programme is perfect for you.

This programme is for people who;

  • Don’t understand or are unable to regulate their own individual intensity during group workouts.
  • Haven’t reached their body composition goals but want to.
  • Say things like “I know what I should eat.”
  • Want to get stronger and change their body.
  • Are ready to try something new that they haven’t tried before.
  • Are wanting a coach to guide them every step of the way.
  • Understand that access to gym equipment doesn’t provide success.
  • Are looking to work with a coach either 1:1 to in a small group of up to 4 people.

I’m sharing this with you FIRST because I’m only offering 4 spaces on this new programme and I’ll be beginning to pitch the programme to new intro’s from as early as next week, I’m expecting to sell out by the end of the month. If you’re interested , you’ll need to apply for this programme and tell me why you think it would be a good fit for you right now, what you’re hoping to achieve and I’ll help you decide what would be best for your unique goals and circumstances. If I don’t think you need this, I’ll say so. The goal of this programme is body recomposition only and has been born from a gap found in our offerings that could help some people even more than we do now. I hope you found value in this post.



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