We hope it won’t but as always ‘hope for the best, prepare for the worst.’

Solv is first and foremost a Coaching Service, so for us it’s really simple, we continue to deliver our coaching services online.

And no, not via zoom classes.

We created a library of workouts last time around, created professionally with mic’d up instructors taking participants through workouts, strength & skill pieces that kept the essence of Solv alive in the homes of our members.

WORKOUT – Follow along with our professional coaches daily through coach led workouts suitable for all.

EQUIPMENT – We will lend out equipment as evenly as we can amongst each member.

TRACKING & COMMUNITY – Log your workouts, compare with friends or foe’s 😉 and fist bump each other to celebrate your efforts keeping the community alive and kicking.

EFFECTIVE SCALING & PROGRESS – Because our coaches know you, we are able to provide specific scaling and targets for each individual based upon his or her goals during our workouts. This is unique to Solv and is where your money is spent.

WORKOUTS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS – Our mobile app makes working out simple. Our coaches make it effective and the community makes it addictive.


Our members provided so much positive feedback about our new service that it’s given us the confidence that this is the way forward in the future.

Our service had that much of an impact we have created a ‘Couch to CrossFit’ series using our online service to help CrossFit beginners start their journey from home and continue in the gym when ready to.

If a third lockdown is announced we will continue to add to our awesome service online.

Our current online service provides general physical preparedness workouts suitable to all levels. However our in house programmes include specialised programmes such as LIFT, ENDURANCE AND GYMNASTIC programmes.

It is our goal to add these services into our online platform too! In addition, our nutrition challenges will go ahead allowing you to tackle those nutritional habits you struggle with.

So if a third lockdown is announced, there’s one company that’s got you covered for sure.



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