Knees back in the deadlift


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If you’re training alone and looking to improve your deadlift, chances are you could benefit from a little more engagement from your posterior chain. In the video below CFHQ Seminar Staff Flowmasters Michele Mootz (CF-L4) addresses participants at a CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course on deadlift positioning. She demonstrates and explains the cue, “knees back” in the deadlift.

In order to reduce the stress on your lower back in the deadlift it is crucial you manage to engage the glutes and hamstrings as much as possible. Your set up is key and your return as shown in the video is equally as important.

Key points

  • Stance – Hip width apart

  • Hands just outside hips

  • Full grip on the bar

  • Shoulders slightly ahead of the bar

  • Lumbar curve maintained throughout

  • Hips and shoulders rise at the same time

  • Bar moves over the mid foot

  • Heels planted into the ground

  • Full hip and knee extension reached

Common Faults

  • Hips too low in the set up (Looks like a squat, shoulders behind the bar/in line with wrist)

  • Hips rise to fast during the pull

  • Shoulders rise too fast leaving the hips too low

  • Incorrect return (knees forward rather than hips back)



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