At SOLV, we are obsessed with coaching. We eat, drink, and sleep coaching. Early alarms and late nights don’t phase us – we are focused and committed. In an industry plagued with mediocrity, we strive to set a higher bar. Simply put we are professionals, and we are investing heavily in progressing our coaches to new heights. Through a culture of excellence and a dynamic development framework we arm our coaches with the tools and resources they need to excel and evolve. With every position in Solv comes an additional list of business objectives.

Second to that our coaches CARE. Our coaches are interested in coaching others through CrossFit methodology, NOT THE SPORT. You’ll be working along side Certified CrossFit Trainers (CF-L3) who have dedicated their lives to improving standards of coaching and adding value to the experience of each client. You will be joining a highly motivated and professional team of coaches who put clients first and guide them along their individual journeys at every point.

We are always looking for coaches with leadership qualities who could transition to full time employees. If you feel like you would fit in well at Solv and are looking for a long term coaching career, click the ‘Apply Now’ button, you are interested in becoming a coach but have not yet completed any qualifications you may apply for our internship programme. Those who start out as a Solv member have much more success in the intern programme than those that are not simply due to being known within the community as well as familiar with our coaching style and process.

We look forward to hearing from you.


CF-L2 Preferred


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