At Solv, we believe that you can do CrossFit without it consuming your life. Shock right, we all know someone that does CrossFit and they just seem a bit like they’re on a different planet.

They own like 20 pairs of CrossFit shoes, they wear CrossFit headbands, they post CrossFit videos, they eat CrossFit, sleep CrossFit, CrossFit, CrossFit, CrossFit, CrossFit…

Yeah, not here.

We believe working out can be just a part of your day. A bit like brushing your teeth or taking the rubbish out. We believe that although it is important to workout regularly, it’s not the most important part of your day.


You might have kids, a job you love that takes up a lot of your time, some sports or hobbies you like to engage in regularly. Those things are pretty important and they’re also pretty cool.

We get our kicks from being in a group of people that add value to each others lives outside of the gym. Through fitness, our culture and our way of doing things we created a space suitable for beginners and average fitness goers whilst still being able to cater for those that want a bit more from CrossFit without bringing in that competitive or even toxic culture that’s put you off for so long in the past.


Working out, whether it’s CrossFit, HIIT or zumba should simply add to your life. Make things a little easier not harder. You don’t have to be friends with everyone but it’s nice knowing you can come to a fitness environment where the fit don’t receive any more attention than those who aren’t so fit.

We prioritise coaching as our main service. This means we can be little higher cost than most other CrossFit gyms. That works for some but it’s not for everyone and that’s fine. Our coaching is unique, it’s been shaped from over 10 years in the industry, our coaching staff have worked in multiple CrossFit and regular fitness facilities both nationally and internationally. We have Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainers which less than 1% of all CrossFit Trainers hold world wide.

So we really are trying to bring some of the best practices in the industry to you right here in Worcestershire.


Coaches always shape the culture of gyms, they don’t have to be CrossFit, every gym is at the mercy of it’s staff and what they stand for. For this reason we spend a lot of time ensuring we attract professional coaches who are interested in coaching and helping you tackle your health and lifestyle habits.

If you’re interested in have someone else take care of your fitness for you then we can probably help.


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