Here are 3 free workouts for you to try at home from our good friends at CrossFit Affiliate programming (CAP). We recommend you perform the workouts one of two ways;

  • 1 workout per day for 3 days.

  • 1 day on 1 day off over the week.

We help busy adults tackle their health and fitness goals, this home programme is just one of our offerings that offer flexibility to adults with high stress, busy lives that offer them little to no time for their health & fitness.

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Tips for the workouts

AMARAP stands for As many rounds or reps as possible. At Solv we like to think of this as, as many rounds as your quality will allow. You must move well, nail your technique and intensity will find you naturally.

WATCH THE DEMOS Austin is here to show you exactly how to move and how to approach each workout. This is much like our own coaching style during our group classes at Solv. Play them through once or twice and revisit some of the movement demo’s.

SET A TIMER Allocate some time today in your schedule to do the workouts. Remove any distractions like social media, tv and even think about getting your family involved.


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