What is a no sweat intro?

In a gym that provides access to equipment and space, the first meeting would make sense to include a tour of the space and a demonstration of how to use the equipment followed by a review of the price binder to determine when you’ll be using the gym.

BUT in a gym that provides success, our first interaction is a ‘no sweat intro’.

During a no sweat intro we’ll ask you what you’re hoping that we can do for you. We’ll ask you about your previous experiences, if and why you failed in the past and how you hope that we will be different. We’ll dive a little deeper into your goals and ask you what’s the most important thing to you in regards to your fitness. Is it losing 5kgs? Meeting new people? Keeping fit for your mental health? Are you hoping to get better at running?

Sometimes during the no sweat intro, we ask questions our prospective clients questions they hadn’t even thought of asking themselves before wanting to sign up. In doing so we’ve helped save our clients money, time and energy by recognising which services they actually need vs the services they thought they needed when they came in.

The no sweat intro offers you the chance for a fitness professional to prescribe you the programme or service that will work best for your goals and unique situation so that you don’t have to guess or try different services to then only fail at achieving your goals and find a new gym to workout in.

Once we’ve established your goals we’ll find the services that best fit them. We’ll help you establish a timeline and we’ll build you an individualised plan that will take you from where you are now, right to your intended target or goal.

One of the things our clients love most about us is that we don’t leave you to it. We check-in with you 30 days after your initial intro and every 90 days after that to make sure you’re still making progress and seeing the results you want to see.

For those of you who are coming to us with plenty of gym experience, or little to no goals, we still offer you the same level of time and care because in our eyes, all of our clients deserve the same level of care and service. We want to know if there’s anything you’re hoping we can do for you that your previous gym didn’t. What aspect of fitness you enjoy the most. Or what you have your sights set on once you’ve reached your next target.

Most of our clients usually need some form of 1-2-1 work and some help with their nutrition before they settle into one of our core programme offerings. In the first 90 days of working with us, we call this phase On-Ramp.

‘On-Ramp’ is designed to get you results fast. We’ll put the programmes that will generate the quickest and best change towards your goals first to help kickstart your journey. As you move closer to achieving your goals or best yet you hit them, we’ll sit down with you and review your progress. We’ll ask you if you’re happy with your results and we’ll ask you if anything has changed for you since joining.

Usually our clients can’t believe what they’ve achieved in 90 days. Some even saying they’ve never been to a gym that cares as much as we do. After this our clients are faced with even bigger questions.

What do I want next?
What could I achieve next?
I just did my first pull up, do you think I could do a bodyweight back squat or sign up to a spartan race?

We help our clients get the results they deserve despite time available, budget, a busy schedule or limiting beliefs about what they can do.

Most importantly, we care enough to sit down with you and speak to you like a human being before starting your fitness journey with us.

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