How To Make The Most Out Of Group Training

Group Training is awesome!

People to workout with, coaches to lead you to better and more safe movement, a programme designed for you with enough variance to keep things fun and exciting…

What more could you want?

No matter how great a programme or group vibe is, you’ll always find something stale about it given enough time and that can be due to a number of things. Sometimes even just the time of year, what you watch on the news, your family and friends can all impact your ability to stay positive and upbeat about your exercise programme.

So here are 5 things that ACTUALLY work when trying to get the most out of group training.

    Aim for 800g daily, most people get fed up with group training or don’t see results because their diet doesn’t add up to their activity. Imagine underrating every day, going to the gym and expecting to have high levels of energy off of cake, coffee and a tesco’s meal deal… It’s just not sensible. So eat more to get more done in the gym.
  2. MIX IT UP
    Always coming to the 5.30pm class? Get up at 5am and make a 6am class. Folks that train at 6am tend to have way more energy than those who train in the evening because the stress’s of the day haven’t yet had a chance to weigh you down. You get to finish your session before your day starts which makes you feel like you’ve already won the day! Feeling more positive and less stressed will lead to better results.
    Yes, we know you’re getting fitter by coming to the gym but if you don’t know exactly how much fitter it’ll 10x easier to think that you’re not. So, write down on a piece of paper which parts of fitness are important to you that you improve. Measure exactly where you are now and then track your progress every week to see your improvements. You’ll feel more motivated and find it easier to take action like turning up to the gym consistently. We provide our members with incredible tools like SugarWOD and goal reviews to help you do exactly that.
    Remember how much progress you made in your first 30-90 days with us? It’s because we worked with you on your specific goals. On-Ramps can kickstart your results, re-energise your workout fire and spark your motivation for more. Revisit an On-Ramp now with your coach.
    People who train with their friends are more likely to stick at exercising for longer. Common sufferings form deeper bonds than common joys, meaning you’ll have an even better connection with your friend if you workout with them vs going drinking with them. So bring a friend with you or better yet sign them up for an intro via our website.

Group training is one of many services at Solv.

The right service is the one that allows you to reach your goals, improve your fitness and stay consistent.

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