How To Take Action When You Don’t Want To

Every once in a while, I don’t feel like working out. Sometimes it’s really hard to find motivation.

Little things add up—poor sleep, a really stressful day, subpar nutrition, a case of the blues, and so on. I’m not immune, either. 

At some point, life will interrupt and tell you to stay on the couch. I’ll tell you a little secret that gets me off the couch every time:

“I shouldn’t workout today.” 

Sometimes I tell myself that it would be wrong to workout today. And for me, this makes me want to go and put my gym kit on right away and workout. There’s just something in a bit of reverse psychology that truly works and this works for me. 

Sure, on some days you have to push a little harder to get to the gym, but I promise that we will make it worth the effort.

Another few things that really help are habits & practices. When you’re sat at home debating whether or not to workout it can seem like that your choices are limited to workout or no workout but the truth is there are far more steps you can focus on. 

Instead of yes or no focus on this;

1. Put your trainers on.
2. Go for a walk.
3. Walk faster now you feel warmer and happier.
4. Why not run for a little bit as you are already feel warm and ready for more.
5. You just got in your activity for the day because you simply broke it down.

Working out doesn’t have to be an all or nothing deal. You can have days where you do bits. Those bits add up!

Here’s a deal: If you’re ever feeling unmotivated, email or text me. 

What do you think? Have we got a deal?

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