Right now is the best chance you have to lose weight for good, but why now more than ever?

Because right now you have unlimited free access to nutrition resources. Education, mobile apps, recipe e-books, downloadable diet plans, online guru’s hammering information out for all to see, the list of resources available to you is endless. Whether the resources are good or not is almost not important because every resource available on the market shares some common themes. In fact every approach to nutrition has to address all of the following in order to be successful.

  • Quality of food
  • Quantity of food
  • Deep health factors such as sleep, hygiene, environment, work etc, etc.

You could if you wanted to download my fitness pal and combine tracking your food with a walking plan and lose up to 3kgs a month. We just gave you one formula for losing weight and you can start today, it cost’s £0 per month.

So why would we offer Nutrition Coaching if that’s all you have to do to get the results you want?

Because most people sit on this information and do nothing with it. The ones that do manage to take action tend to get results but not in the way they expected. For example, I had a client decline nutrition coaching from us, they crash dieted and ran almost every day. They lost weight yes, goal achieved right? Well, no. They said to us 12 months on that they didn’t like that there body now felt weak, lacked muscle tone and ability/competency in other physical tasks. They took action but it was the wrong action for their ultimate goal. Time and effort wasted, money saved?

Wrong again.

If I phrase it like this you’ll understand.

Am I willing to pay £300 PCM for 12 months to have the body I want for the rest of my life and to never need a nutrition coach again?
Am I willing to stay the same, feel out of shape and unhappy in exchange for £300 PCM for the next 12 months?

Which one sounds better to you?

And this is one of the reasons why we offer coaching.

A nutrition coach will save you time, money and effort.

A coach is someone with an outside perspective, someone that has the ability to see your life’s challenges from a birds eye point of view. This allows them to identify opportunities for change that you can not.

If you have a job that requires feedback on your performance then you’ll understand this concept to be not only important but highly effective at improving ones ability to create change for the better. Feedback is essential for anyone wanting to be better than they were yesterday.

A nutrition coach can offer accountability, but you already knew that.
A nutrition coach can offer recipes, but you already knew that.
A nutrition coach can offer you education, but you already knew that.

These are the things that we share for free in our private facebook group because we know these aren’t the things that create change. We often get asked, “why do you give so much away for free?”

We give education away for free because knowledge is not the problem or reason you haven’t made the changes, nor is your budget, time, kids, job etc, etc.

The reason many busy adults don’t make change is really simple. They don’t take enough action and if and when they do take some action, it is not the right action at the right time. It cost’s your time, effort, money and your ability to believe you can make the changes you want.

Imagine feeling like alls you are doing every day is trying your hardest to make a change and not seeing any results?

This is what people can do for years and years of their life.

A coach stops you spinning your wheels.

Coaching is mentorship. Mentorship is when someone who know’s things you don’t through experience, aims to bring you up to speed on the things they know so that you can take the correct actions that generate the biggest return on investment for you. Companies will spend six figures a year on mentors because for a company it’s the difference between having 5 employees or 5000 employees, £100,000 a year or £250,000 a year or for a nutrition client, where they are versus where they want to be.

We have 100’s of different tools, styles and mentorship options for Nutrition Coaching. You need to define exactly where you want to be at the end of your journey for us to know where to start.

We can help you.

It’s March 2022 and at Solv CrossFit this year so far we’ve helped our busy adults lose a total of 47.8kgs combined. Not one of those Kg’s was lost by training alone.

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