We are delighted to announce that we will be running the Battle Cancer Program at Solv CrossFit March 2022.  For those that are unfamiliar with the programme, it is a 12 week fully funded programme that helps cancer survivors build strength and fitness post treatment.  It is accessible to everyone who has completed treatment at least 2 months prior to the start date however, we consider every application to ensure it is safe for each person to participate.  Particular care must be taken for individuals who have brain or CNS related cancers or ​​anyone with two or more severe simultaneous diseases or medical conditions, particularly cardiovascular and neurological.

The classes are coach lead and have been designed to be accessible to anyone regardless of fitness background or ability! Movements can easily be adjusted to accommodate any restrictions and workouts are designed so that each individual can work to their own ability and pace along side a supportive group and the watchful eye of a coach.

The focus is to build physical confidence, independence and a belief in long term health that leads to an improved quality of life.  Each session is designed to instil life-long compliance with exercise as a behavior and not merely as a means of short-term intervention.The first week of the programme is designed as an assessment to evaluate mobility, strength and fitness as well as discuss personal goals, limitations and any individual requirements.  Following this, each session is designed to work on aspects of fitness such as strength, conditioning, balance and mobility, and the final sessions are designed to retest and evaluate progress.

So do you know anyone that has undergone cancer treatment and might like to join us for 12 weeks of fully funded training?

If you feel you might know someone that would benefit from the Battle Cancer Programme, we would be so grateful if you would kindly refer them to us here at the gym, or head directly to the battle cancer website to use the sign up links and register their details.

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