Warm ups are a super important part of our programme; warm ups are critical for injury prevention and to ensure good performance in workouts.

Our programmes nearly always consist of a (general) warm up and a specific warm up; I‘ll explain the purpose of both today.

The general warm up’s purpose is to elevate the heart rate, increase core body temperature and take your joints through a full range of motion.

Biking, rowing and running are typically present as they all do a fantastic job of increasing your heart rate and core body temperature.

You will often see movements like perfect stretches, lunges with a twist or overhead reach and pvc pipe retractions present too. These take your body through large ranges of motion, helping you feel loose and mobile in preparation for the workout.

Our specific warm ups are a chance to prepare the muscles involved in the workout; this is why you’ll see weighted movements such as glute bridges, bent over rows and half kneeling presses.

The specific warm up can also include skill work, such as practice with the barbell for cleans or snatches.

The general and specific provide coaches with the opportunity to check in with you, ask how you’re feeling, address injuries/concerns and suggest scaling options tailored to your goals.

Once the general and specific are complete, it’s time to find weights/progressions for the workout. This is the coaches chance to advise on final options such as bands for pullups or the weight to add to a barbell, as well as ensuring safe and efficient movement mechanics.

The process above helps to keep you all injury free and performing your best in workouts!

Now ask yourself this,

If it wasn’t for your coach, would you warm up this effectively?

One of the best parts about paying for coaching rather than access to a gym is having a professional structure your training that optimises safety with results and intensity.

We love working 1:1 with you even in our group settings.

If you need help or guidance with working out and nutrition, reach out to us today by book a no sweat intro.

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