What Do We Mean? “We Prescribe Fitness.”

To really understand what we mean, it’s best to start in a scenario that you already understand.

Think back to your last trip to your GP, it probably went something like this, you had a problem that you didn’t know how to fix so you booked in to have a talk with your GP. Upon arrival you waited and whilst you waited you thought about what you might say, how to describe your symptoms or issues in a way that the GP would understand so that they might make the best recommendation to helping you fix or improve your current situation or problem.

You went in, described your symptoms in as much detail as possible and the GP asks you a few further questions to help better understand your problem. After a few inspections or measurements taken the GP arrives at a solution.

They say for example that you need to take this pill three times a day for the next seven days and things should clear up. You say great, they fill out your prescription and you go ahead the pharmacy to pick it up, you feel clear, relieved and ready to get better, why?

Well the GP said that this particular thing is your exact problem, this is why you feel this way. That is helpful to you because you can stop guessing and worrying about what it is. Then they provided you with an exact fix, take these 3 pills each day and you’ll get better. Great! Something you can trust and rely on, a method to wellness again. The last ingredient they gave you was how long it’s going to take! This is the most important one. Think about it, if they had said, take these pills until it clears up, you might take the pills but after a week or two if you haven’t seen an improvement you might question the validity of the fix. You might even quit taking it and seek other means without knowing that you were only a week away from being completely fixed.

At Solv, this is what we do and it’s different to every other ‘gym’ out there.

Firstly, a gym is just a method and you don’t need a gym to improve your health, you can do that simply by eating better quality foods, but you already knew that.

Then inside a gym are a list of other methods that gym owners, coaches and marketing guru’s allow you to choose from to help shape your own journey. And their lies the problem.

Imagine turning up to the GP, describing your problem and the GP turns around and says why don’t you come into our pharmacy, in this shop everything has the potential to fix you. Some could fix you better than others, some take longer and some might not do anything for you, some may even harm you. Good luck let me know how you get on.

If you have any sense you would leave the building immediately and report them to the authorities.

This is what it’s like in gyms.

Clients come in, a sales reps shows you round taking note of all of the equipment you could use, class timetables you could take advantage of, and shows off everything single shiny thing they have for you.

But they don’t tell you how to fix your unique issue.

They don’t tell you how long it will take and they don’t hold you accountable to your goal.

So here is an example of a fitness prescription for one of our clients.

Client : Mother of two, short on time, has been out of exercise for 2 years.
Goal : I want to be consistent, I want to get back to my previous levels of fitness (BW Back Squat & 100KG DL).
Prescription : 2 PT Sessions a week for 4 Weeks + an at home programme then if you manage to stick to that we can do some group training for 4 weeks with some mindset coaching. By the end you’ll have proven that you can indeed be consistent, you’ll have an improved mindset and be able to manage your time a little better which will give us the nod to start working towards your bigger goals (back squat and deadlift numbers). We’ll review this at 30 days and 60 days before making a new prescription to assess the effectiveness of the plan.

Now most gyms sell 3 months memberships, 1 month trials or 12 month sign ups or even addition sign up fees.

At Solv, we sell what’s going to work.

Once we’ve got you to where you wanted to be we’ll ask you again, what do you want from us next?

If you’ve been struggling to stay consistent at the gym, in need of thinking less about how or what to do in the gym then we’re perfect for you.

We offer you time frames, real solutions, accountability and guidance and we do it with a down to earth culture.

Book a free no sweat intro, its only 2 steps, name, number, email and then simply book your appointment to come and talk to us.


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